General rental conditions

Article 1 – Purpose : The purpose of this content is to fix the rental conditions for bikes offered by Pedals and Bubbles. Throughout this document, the subscriber of the contract will be referred to as « the user », Pedals and Bubbles will be referred to as « the rental company ».

Article 2 – Bicycle user : The bicycle user declares that they can ride a bicycle and that they are not aware of any medical contraindication. The rental company cannot be held responsible for damage due to the inaptitude of the user.

Article 3 – Responsibility and commitments of the user : Bikes, equipment and accessories are deemed to comply with the regulations in force at the time of their rental and in good working order. The equipment and accessories are fixed in accordance with safety standards. The user must be covered by liability insurance. They release the rental company Pedals and Bubbles from any liability arising from the use of the hired equipment, in particular with regard to accidents and damage caused to third parties due to the use of the bicycle. The rented equipment (bicycle and accessories) remains the exclusive property of Pedals and Bubbles for the duration of the rental. The user cannot sublet the bicycle(s) and accessories to a third party. The user is solely responsible for any damage caused to the rented equipment or due to its use. The user acknowledges that the rented equipment is in perfect working condition. The user guarantees that they will use the equipment with care and within the limits of their abilities, that they will respect its instructions for the use and safety as well as the road safety and vehicle rules, that they will use the rented bike under normal conditions and will not carry a person or a load weighing more than 25 kg on the luggage rack. They
agree to return the bicycle in its original state on the dates agreed to in the contract. If they contravene the laws in force and the rules of this contract, the rental company Pedals and Bubbles cannot in any case be held responsible. The user agrees to do everything in their power to avoid theft or damage to the rented bike . To this end, they agree to attach the bike to a fixed point, and between them if possible, using the anti-theft device provided, whatever the parking duration. In the event of a technical failure of the bicycle during the contract, the user may not undertake repair work on their own initiative unless it is a repair due to tube puncture. They are required to inform the rental
company and return the bicycle. At their request, the bicycle will be replaced by a bicycle of the same type, subject to availability and in the absence of faulty responsibility of the user, for the period remaining to run. The user will not be able to claim either reimbursement of costs or invoice, or damages. Any aggressive, disrespectful behavior or refusal to respect the rules of this contract will result in the refusal of the rental.

Article 4 – Subscription of the contract and the rental terms : In order to take out a rental contract, the user must present a proof of identity (identity card, driving license, passport). Rental period, extension, termination : any rental, whatever duration chosen when the contract is taken out , is due in full. When returning the bike, the user agrees
to be present within the scheduled time slot and by mutual agreement with the rental company, for its part the rental company reserves the right to a delay due to logistics and road traffic while warning the user. Prices and method of payment : the rental and deposit rates for the bicycle can be viewed on advertising brochures and on its website on the « rental » page. The means of payment accepted by Pedals and Bubbles are : credit card or cash only.

Articles 5 – Security deposit : The user agrees to pay a deposit when taking possession of the bikes by credit card via the Pedals and Bubbles payment terminal, they therefore undertake to take the necessary measures to ensure that the balance of their credit card is sufficient to cover the deposit. If necessary, payment by check will be possible,
but in this case, the user will be asked to provide an identity document that will be kept as warranty and will be returned only when the bikes are returned. The deposit will be returned to the user when the rented equipment is returned. Any delay in the return of the equipment will be subject to penalties of 10€ per calendar day. The user may, however, renew their rental for a new period, in this case late penalties will not be invoiced. In the event of theft, the user must present to the rental company within 24 hours of the theft, a copy of a complaint filed within 24 hours at a police station or a gendarmerie. A certificate of receipt of the deposit can be provided to them on request if the user wishes to be reimbursed by their insurance. If the stolen bicycle is returned to the rental company, the user who has complied with the above procedure will be reimbursed the amount of the deposit collected, minus any costs of bicycle repair. If the user does not present a copy of a filed complaint, the payment of the corresponding deposit will be due
immediately. In the absence of such payment, the rental company reserves the right to initiate any action, in particular legal, to obtain payment.

Article 6 – Billing to the user : In case of non-compliance with the previous clauses of the rental contract, or in case of damage of the rented equipment, the user will have to pay the following invoices : invoice of the total amount of the corresponding deposit in the event of a failure to return the bicycle, invoice of an amount equivalent to the repair invoice following damage or missing parts.

Article 7 – Rental conditions : Pedals and Bubbles only delivers at the rates indicated in the geographical area shown on the map, which can be viewed on advertising leaflets and on its website on the « rental » page. However, delivery beyond this sector remains possible on estimate.

Article 8 – Data processing and freedoms : In accordance with the law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to data processing, the files and the freedoms, any person has the right to access and correct the information that relate to them.